Calibration & Validation

An Environmental Test Chamber must be installed, operated and its performance must meet the required qualification criteria before it is commissioned. Cascade has built a comprehensive protocol covering all areas of test chamber calibration and validation. Our specialised team of engineers can create a standard guideline or customise it to a specific requirement or even implement customer’s protocol.

Qualify Test Chamber Installations

Cascade evaluate the installation of the test chamber to its adherence to the user requirement and all the critical installation requirements are met.

Qualify Test Chamber Operation

We evaluate if the environmental test chamber meets the design specification by demonstrating performance in unloaded condition. It consists of a test or series of tests designed to challenge critical operating requirements and alarms such as temperature, humidity, air flow rate etc, against pre-determined acceptance criteria. The operational ranges of testing include a set of conditions encompassing upper and lower operating limits.

Qualify Test Chamber Performance

We conduct a series of test under loaded condition to evaluate the performance against standard test parameters. It includes extended monitoring and sampling program to demonstrate environmental test chamber performance. The test chamber is evaluated under integrated test plan & under NABL standards to check all systems and sub systems.